M, finally. 

Divorce is hard. It doesn’t matter how amicable, there is nothing fun about dismantling your entire life and starting over. If you’re lucky enough divorce an adult, it is possible to remain friends, but it opens a brand new box of awkward. 

“We’re still friends, should we try again?” “Should we still fuck?” 

It’s too much. Cut it off until you can answer “No” to both questions and be okay knowing someone else’s finger has probably been in his/her butt. 

Beyond that, what about the owner of the aforementioned finger? They’re new. They don’t know all the rules and they could probably use a little more practice with an unfamiliar butthole. Give ’em a break. 

Fortunately, that’s exactly what they did. Sleeves and M are smart adults who realized it would never be over if they didn’t start acting like it was over. They were divorced two years ago and hadn’t seen one another in over a year. Until Memorial Day. At his house. Correction: at C’s house. 

I was on my way back to C’s after showering and was questioning my ability to survive another booze-filled evening when I got the text.

“My ex and her Mom are coming over for a bit.”


Then it hit me, PG does this every day; probably not 50mph in a 30mph because he lost his mascara, but he knows awkward and I don’t give him enough credit. C can be a fucking handful. For real. She’s a full-time job and he already has one of those. He knows what happened with Sleeves and he knows it’s over. He was mature enough to recognize he wasn’t a factor in anything before he met her and he decided to get to know Sleeves. They hang out. They fish. He’s not even awkward around the kitchen. It’s only as awkward as you make it. Still makes me wonder what he’s hiding, but for now, he’s off my radar. 

Monday was all about perspective. It wasn’t until M went home that I had even considered how awkward it must have been for Sleeves. He had been inside all of us and all we cared about was her cute dog and weed pen. No one got weird or catty. There wasn’t so much as an eye roll. She text him afterward and for the first time in a long time gave her seal of approval on his choice of friends. Now she probably didn’t know the rest, but why make it awkward if it doesn’t have to be. Cool as fuck, by the way. It was almost a little scary. We’re very similar. 10/10 would hang out again. 

I’m not sure Sleeves was as thrilled with the similarities. They’re divorced. I know I’d sprint in the opposite direction of anyone who even remotely reminded me of my ex-husband, but that’s not it.

Someone is going to run and it will have nothing to do with M. 

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