Anno Domini

I am not the girl who confuses sex with love. No, I am exponentially more dangerous. I want to fuck your mind. I want to chisel away at your skull and then crawl inside your brain. I want to know you better than you know you. I will force you into difficult conversations. I will antagonize your demons. I will taunt your insecurities and bruise your ego and in the end you will either hate me or you will run through walls for me. There will be no in between. 

Anyone can fuck your body. I will fuck your soul. I will discover the parts you didn’t know existed. I will make you dig deeper than you thought possible and I will use my breath to fill the empty spaces. I will tear open the doors of your closet and bury the bones once and for all and when I am finished you will have forgotten everything before me. I am an event. I am your A.D. 

If you lose me you will search for me in everything until the day you learn my lesson. I will be the itch in your teeth and my colors will bleed into your flesh each time the needle pierces your skin. You cannot erase me from your memory and your eyes will never forget my image. I happen once in a lifetime but I will haunt your mind for eternity. 

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